Linux – How to set up a local repository for ubuntu and add packages of your own


I want to make two things:

First of all, I want to have my own repository of ubuntu in my servers to not overload the usage of Internet in my company and to control the updates. I think that I have to use apt-mirror

And also I want to add my own packages to the repository.

What is the best way to do this?

Do I have to have two repositories? One with the mirror and another one with my packages? In case of conflict with my packages how Ubuntu solve this?

Thank you

Best Answer

I had to do something very similar for my AWS based setup. I decided to have one box with aptcacher-ng and dpkg-dev package.

reprepro doesn't support multiple versions of a package so I didnt use it. Since I wanted to keep these boxes as ephemeral as possible with low setup time I did not use apt-mirroring as it can download lot of data depending what you want it to mirror.

Aptcacher-ng caches the packages and this box is contacted by all other boxes for their apt needs so I end up saving lot of time and bandwidth.

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