MS-DOS attrib +s ‘path not found’

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I have to put some specific icons on folders and I had success doing that over all folders except the one that have some special characters.
I'm using windows7.

How it is done?

  1. creating a .ini file within the folder;
  2. running a command-line changing the attrib +s of that folder.

The only problem is on 2.

This works fine:

attrib +s "C:\Users\Public\cato"

This doesn't work and returns 'Path not found':

attrib +s "C:\Users\Public\cáto"

I have tried to do this:

attrib +s "C:\Users\Public\cáto\"
attrib +s "C:\Users\Public\c^áto"
attrib +s "C:\Users\Public\c^áto\"

and the problem persists.

What can be done in this spacial characters over folder names?

PS: This is the desktop.ini file I save in the folder (1.) before running the command-line. Its [name].[ext] is 'desktop.ini' and its content is:


Best Answer

I've just tested attrib and several other commands with filenames with Unicode characters, and all of them worked fine:

D:\>dir D:\Test
11/02/2016  16:42                 0 Eyjafjallajökull.txt
11/02/2016  16:42                 0 Schrödinger.txt
11/02/2016  16:43                 0 àèìòù.txt

D:\>attrib +s D:\Test\Eyjafjallajökull.txt
D:\>attrib +s D:\Test\Schrödinger.txt
D:\>attrib +s D:\Test\àèìòù.txt

D:\>attrib D:\Test\*
A  S         D:\Test\Eyjafjallajökull.txt
A  S         D:\Test\Schrödinger.txt
A  S         D:\Test\àèìòù.txt

Whatever your problem is, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Unicode characters...

Out of curiosity, I've made another test in your exact same situation: using a folder with a custom icon and Unicode characters in its name, I've used attrib both on the "desktop.ini" file in the folder, and also on the folder itself:

D:\>Dir D:\Tèst /a
11/02/2016  17:25                68 desktop.ini

D:\>type d:\Tèst\desktop.ini

D:\>attrib -h -s D:\Tèst\desktop.ini

D:\>attrib D:\Tèst\desktop.ini

D:\>attrib +s D:\Tèst

D:\>attrib D:\Tèst
   S R       D:\Tèst

As you can see, it worked perfectly.