Mysql – Good practices for backing up MySQL on a large scale


I am a newbie to DB and in particular to MySQL. Are there any good practices to backup MySQL on a large scale? For example, there are a few things I've already found.

  • Use mysqlbackup (physical backup) instead of mysqldump.

  • increase key_buffer_size to 20% of RAM (not just for backup extremely helpful option).

  • take a look at tools of maatkit there are a few for backup.

If you aware of any good stuff for MySQL backup share.

Best Answer

Do NOT use the tools in Maatkit. (I wrote them.) They are dangerous. I have written about this elsewhere. Percona Toolkit is the replacement for Maatkit and it does not include these tools.

If you have a MySQL Enterprise subscription, mysqlbackup is great. If not, consider Percona XtraBackup, a free tool that works almost identically.