MySQL — issuing low priority updates


Is there a way to execute low priority updates in mysql?

I am running a very high load application where there may easily be literally thousands of users trying to concurrently update the same data records. This is mostly session-based statistical information, much of which could be ignored in case there is a wait time associated with the request. I'd like to be able to check whether some table/row is locked, and if so just not pass an update query to the server. Is that possible?

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What database engine are you using? MyISAM or InnoDB? If it's MyISAM, you can use the following command to view locks:


Source: How can I show mysql locks?

However, I would recommend that you take a different approach. Instead of having a single point of contention, simply insert a new row for every data-point with INSERT DELAYED. Then at the end of the day, or whenever you need the data, you can batch-process everything. Note that this only works for the MyISAM, MEMORY, and ARCHIVE engine types.


I think this question belongs over at Stack Overflow. You will probably get a better response there.

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