OpenLDAP Server nested Group search string


i got a small problem here regarding OpenLDAP. The problem is to search for the member of nested groups.
Lets say i have this construct:

  • dn=domain,dn=local
    • ou=people
      • cn=marvyn (inetOrgPerson)
    • ou=department
      • cn=administration (groupOfNames)
    • ou=application
      • cn=jira (groupOfNames)

marvyn is member of administration.
administration is member of jira.
I want to authenticate against jira and check if marvyn is in it but marvyn is in administrations which is member of jira.
How do i need to search or build the search string to find out if marvyn is member of jira.

Thank you guys,

Best Answer

I solved the problem using 'alias' objects to consolidate groups into OU's.

This is the how to from openldap:

(Note you can change the object type to ou from cn to forward to an whole ou.)

  • dc=domain
    • ou=applications
      • ou=jira
        • cn=jira-specific-group
        • ou(ALIAS)=all-groups-from-ou=groups,dc=domain
          • cn=sysadmin (not really there; located at ou=groups,dc=domain)
          • cn=development (not really there; located at ou=groups,dc=domain)
    • ou=groups
      • cn=sysadmin
      • cn=development
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