Openvpn – Redirect from 1 IPv4 local subnet to another in pfSense


I have an OpenVPN Server on pfSense. The tunnel is on a private network, but the LAN is on

How can I route the VPN clients from the tunnel to the LAN?

My current setup includes:

  • An Open VPN server (made with the wizard)

  • Firewall rules on OpenVPN to allow traffic from all protocols, on all destinations and sources and all their respective ports and all gateways

  • An Firewall NAT outbound rule to map any source to the tunnel network (

  • I haven't enabled the OPT1 interface

Best Answer

This is completely normal and they should be different subnets. See PfSense OpenVPN RAS documentation.

Tunnel Network -- Should be a new, unique network that does not exist anywhere in the current network or routing table.

Local Network -- The network here on the server that the clients will need to reach, for example

If your route (not redirection) between these two doesn't work, did you add the automatic firewall rules during wizard? If not, you may want to start over and follow the documentation I linked above.

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