Postgresql – Getting “Sessions still open, not unmounting” when exiting psql. What does this mean


When I quit psql after setting up a new role, psql now complains on exit;

Sessions still open, not unmounting

Doing a quick google search didn't reveal anything of value in regards to this msg. What does it mean and should I do anything about it?


This is a setup on Ubuntu Server 12.04 32 with lvm encryption on file system.

Best Answer

My guess, based on what I've gleaned from Google, is that you have an ecryptfs encrypted filesystem which tries to unmount as part of your logout scripts.
These filesystems won't unmount if a user is using them, and as noted on that bug report this behavior is by design.

You can probably ignore this message (and you can certainly ignore it from a Postgres perspective), but if it really bothers you the folks on Ask Ubuntu can probably offer more insight into why you're seeing it and how to make it go away...