Power strategy for first server rack


We are about to install our first server and networking rack at my office. I'm more of a programmer than a sysadmin, so I'm learning as I go. Let me start by saying that it's just a router, patch panel, and PoE switch that will be going on the rack initially. Servers will be added letter.

I need advice on how power should be distributed to the rack. We use APC UPSes for most of the equipment in our office, and I know that APC makes rack-mount models. However, I've also seen PDUs and vertical power strips, and I'm not sure which approach to take, or when mixing-and-matching is appropriate.

The vertical power strips that mount to a cable organizer look like an attractive option, but since these don't offer anything in the way of surge protection or battery backup, it seems like they would have to be plugged into a UPS, and it also seems like I remember that this is a big taboo.

Basically, I'm wondering which of these are "correct" and which are wrong:

(1) Power Outlet –> UPS –> Rack Equipment

(2) Power Outlet –> UPS –> PDU –> Rack Equipment

(3) Power Outlet –> UPS –> Vertical Power Strip –> Rack Equipment

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Answer

I'd go with 1 to start off with.

The UPS should have enough outlets for your needs right now and less stuff = less problems.

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