Spamassassin with sendmail: spamass-milter or spampd


I want to integrate my sendmail MTA (relaying only, no local mailboxes) with spamassassin. Sendmail box sits between internal MS Exchange server and internet. So, I see two options for doing this (or there are more?), depicted bellow schematically:

  1. use spamass-milter
  sender -> sendmail -> exchange server

      where sendmail talk to spamass-milter -> spamc -> spamd (spamassassin)
  1. use spampd (spamassassin proxy daemon, do not confuse it with spamd)
 sender -> sendmail -> spampd -> exchange server

        where spampd talks to spamassassin

I want to know your opinion: which option is better, what are the pros and cons of each one?

Best Answer

I am executing SpamAssassin via MIMEDefang.