Ssl – Multiple SSL Sites in one IIS 7.5 server


I have read almost all the ssl threads there are about multiple ssl sites on one server.

most of them recommend buying a wildcard ssl, which i already have.

but now i purchased another ssl for a different root domain.
i know i need to bind it to a different ip address, but thats where it gets tricky.

I have 2 iis servers running behind a load-balancer.
I have configured a new zone in the LB with a new external IP address for the new site i need the ssl for.

I have configured the internal network card of both of the servers to have another internal ip address (so it now have 2 ip addresses).

but what should i do now?
what do i need to set in the binding for each of the websites?

So far in the wildcard ssl enabled websites i have configured in the binding the hostname (using the * trick), and in the ip-address i set to "all unassigned".
Do i have to change those aswell?
Can i just configure the new site's binding to listen only to the new ip address?

what is the complete step-by-step way to do this right?

thanks ahead

Best Answer

Yeah, change the existing bindings to the specific address(es) that they'll be bound to - I've had bad experiences with mixing "all unassigned" and specific address binds on SSL. Make the change to the existing sites first and make sure everything's working correctly before trying to add more sites.

Other than that, you've pretty much got it - just set up a binding for each site on the specific address with the specific SSL certificate for that site.