Sun T2000 SC Log file


Is there a SC log file for the Sun T2000?

I'm hoping to track down a possible power problem. So if you have any suggestions outside of a log file… that would be great.

What makes me think its a power problem is that the T2000 turns off frequently. We'll come back from the weekend and it will be sitting at the "ok>" prompt.


Best Answer

Yes, there are a few things you can look at in the SC.

  1. Show a summary of component status: sc> showenvironment
  2. Show the last 100 lines of the console history: sc> consolehistory -e 100
  3. Show the last 100 lines of the SC event history: sc> showlogs -e 100
  4. Show the hardware information, including event logs for many components: sc> showfru

In addition, Solaris itself keeps track of potential problems using FMA (Fault Management Architecture).

  1. See if Solaris has diagnosed an issue: # fmadm faulty
  2. Show the low level telemetry that may contribute to a fault status: # fmdump -e and # fmdump -eV
  3. Of course, check the log files such as /var/adm/messages as well.
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