Svn – Set up server at home for running svn and Bugzilla


I'm a fairly experienced developer, but when it comes to servers and network related stuff, I'm pretty green.

We are developing a web site, and I would like to set up a server that can host my SubVersion repository, and also host Bugzilla for when we release a testversion on some users.

So what do i need to accomplish this? I have an old computer that can be used. Can I run this on any OS? It currently has Win 7 installed, but I was thinking about going for Ubuntu instead. Any reason to go for one or the other?

I guess I need a web server, and I guess Apache will do fine. Do I need something else to let my computer be available from all over the web, or is a web server and a standard internet connection all it takes?

A link some good online tutorials would be much appreciated. And then I mean for real dummies ;). I usually find pages that try to explain setting up servers going way over my head.

Best Answer

I'd go with some kind of Linux. You can run what you want on Windows but it is more complicated and less supported. These are open source projects and their native environment is typically Linux.

You'll either need a static IP address on your internet connection, or you'll need to use some kind of dynamic DNS service that allows you to change the DNS when your IP address changes.

Subversion in general

These will help setting up SVN & Apache so the source control can be accessed externally (not sure if you want that)

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