Video card does not work in server


I want to install a video card into a server. When it is inserted, server does not boot up and there is no video signal coming from video card. 4 LEDs at the back of the motherboard show pattern G-R-R-A which means "Disabling the console controller" (see Appendix C in manual). There was another (older) video card in that PCI slot and it worked fine. The card which I want to install works too (I tested it in another computer). Both On-board Video and Dual Monitor Video options are turned off in BIOS (when I turn on one or both options, both new and old video cards dont work). What should I try to do? Thanks.

Video card: 339PCI-HLP (2 x DVI + HDMI)

Server board: Intel S5000PAL –

Best Answer

See here, I verified your card is a PCI card.

Your motherboard supports,

One low profile riser slot supporting 1U or 2U PCIe* riser cards One full height riser slot supporting 1U or 2U PCI-X* and PCIe* riser cards

I'm not sure if your card is a 3.3v PCI card to be supported in the adaptive PCI-X slot. You have to plug-in your card only on the adaptive slot since it is both PCI-X and PCI-E

You could damage both your graphics card and your serverboard if you plug in into the wrong slot (PCIe). Try a PCIe card in the PCIe slot if you have one around.

Also, are you using any riser cards to plug the PCI card into?

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