Virtualbox Ubuntu 10.04 on Windows 7: networking won’t work

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I have a virtualbox image that I created using libvirt from Ubuntu 10.04. It assigns a fixed IP address. I can start it up on my Windows 7 VirtualBox, but I cannot get networking to work. My colleague loaded the same image onto his Windows 7 and networking worked as a bridged connection. Therefore, I know that the image is good, it must be something about my Windows 7 installation.

Any thoughts on where to look to get networking running in my virtual machine?


Best Answer

Problem solved. Like most things, this was "operator error." It appears that I changed the MAC address of the virtual machine, thinking that it did not matter. I was wrong. The answer is here: .

I erased (mv) the file 70-persistent-net.rules and restarted the VM. Now networking works (bridged). The key was to look at dmesg.

Thanks so much for your help.