Will running RRDtool or Cacti slow down the servers performance


I'm consider running some performance profile tools like Cacti for my server, but I'm concerned that running RRDtool or Cacti slow down my servers performance? Is this a valid concern for me? Or rather, how can mitigate this? Can I run the profiling tools on a different server or something?

I suppose another tool to mention here would be Munin, and that leads me to slightly a large questions, is there any huge advantage of using Munin over Cacti? Information is a little sparse online.

Best Answer

Do you know the average load in your system ? If it's running of its limits you may have a bunch of problems. (Such as pid runout , oom-kill events etc). But if it's not too overloaded you won't have problems. Even 2% extra load it's not extremely tragic.

After all, you can reduce the "precision" of the measurements / plots and thus reduce the overhead. But, still is better to have the "server" part of the monitoring framework in a seperate server and have the clients distributed to any of your machines.