Windows – How to replicate a windows servers (IIS,Files,ConfigurationState)


Maybe a better question is: What is the closest competitor for DoubleTake? I am looking to replicate a windows production server in case it fails have a immediate backup. Any idead?

NOTE 1: I forget to add that this server is on the EC2 Amazon Cloud.

NOTE 2: The main situation we have is recreating the configuration settings like IIS, FTP Server, SQL Server, SVN Server.


So far I have been giving three options as answers for my original question:

  1. AppAssurance — After talking to their sales team they do not support Amazon as cloud provider. Basically there is a technical need to be able to reboot from a disk or similar media. So ESX Virtual machine environment will work, but not the EC2.
  2. Acronis — which works as a backup in ghost style. This will work for other type of scenarios.
  3. Use the Amazon EC2 API — This option is ideal, but only works if you are developing a cloud application rather than hosting a regular application in a cloud scenario.

This means that I am still looking for the answer. Any other ideas.

Best Answer

I have used Acronis' products a lot and they can do what you want (take disk-based image of the whole disks or individual partitions). Product used to be called True Image Echo, but newest version 10 is now named Acronis Backup & Recovery.

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