Windows screen recorder that can record long sessions


This question is somewhat similar to this one but I'm specifically after a solution that will record a session lasting a few hours or more. I would expect such sessions to result in a video file anything upwards of 4GB. I'll be more than happy with one that creates a series of smaller files if necessary.

All those I've tried so far look like they're doing the job but won't actually create the file for sessions longer than 20 or 30 minutes. I suspect they fail once the file size hits either 2 or 4GB but of course that's only a guess, because it's kind of hard to debug without an output file. The really bad part is that the recorders normally won't tell you of the problem, so you don't find out until it's much too late.

Best Answer

Have you played with win7's built-in support video recorder? "Problem Steps Recorder" makes extremely small files, provided you don't need to capture typing or full-screen video.