Windows Update KB3023266 repeated installation


Windows Update KB3023266 is installed on every shutdown of the computer. On next start, the update log shows an additional entry like this:

Name: Vulnerability in Windows Application Compatibility cache could allow elevation of privilege: January 13, 2015 (KB3023266)
Date: ‎27.‎01.‎2015 13:45
Status: Successful
Type: Important

But it is still possible to install it manually and the same update will install automatically again and again and again on every shutdown, restart.

I tried WindowsUpdateDiagnostic and MicrosoftFixit with no success.

How should I fix it. Manually resetting the whole windows update is a long and tedious thing to do( Would it even fix this problem?

I tried to install it manually ( It completed with success but the problem persists, see my comment to Overminds answer.

Best Answer

Get the update from here: Manually install it. It just installs, nothing complex is required.