C# – Enable and disable “Step into” debugging on certain project in a Visual Studio solution

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I have a Visual Studio solution with four C# projects in it. I want to step into the code of a supporting project in the solution from my main project, but when I use the "Step into" key, it just skips over the call into that other project. I've set breakpoints in the supporting project, and they're ignored, and I can't for the life of me get it to step into any references to that project.

Everything is set to compile as "Debug", and I've seen Visual Studio warn me that my breakpoints won't be hit before – it doesn't do that in this case. It's as though it looks as though my code will debug, but then at run-time, there's a setting somewhere that tells Visual Studio not to step through the code in that project. All the other projects in my solutions debug without problems.

What box have I checked to cause this behavior?

UPDATE FOR CLARITY: The "Just my code" option is currently disabled. Also, since the code belongs to a project in my same solution, I don't think the "Just my code" option applies here. I thought it only applied to pre-compiled code that I didn't have the source for, but since I have the source in my project, I don't think this option has any effect.

Best Answer

Not sure if this is it, but "Tools>Options>Debugging>General:Enable Just My Code" is a possibility. (I prefer to always leave this unchecked.)