C# – WPF XAML StringFormat DateTime: Output in wrong culture


I'm having some trouble with the output of a DateTime value. My computer's current culture is set to de-AT (Austria).

The following code

string s1 = DateTime.Now.ToString("d");
string s2 = string.Format("{0:d}", DateTime.Now);

results in s1 and s2 both having the correct value of "30.06.2009".

But when using the same format in XAML

    <TextBlock Text="{Binding Source={x:Static sys:DateTime.Now}, StringFormat=d}"/>

the output is `"6/30/2009". It seems the XAML StringFormat ignores the current culture settings. This happens on both Vista and XP.

I don't want to specify a custom format, because the output should be formatted in the user's preferred culture setting.

Anybody with the same problem? Is this a bug in WPF?

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