Java – How Long Does it Take to Learn Java for a Complete Newbie?


I have absolutely no programming experience but need to learn Java – enough to take a J2ME fasttrack course. I only have 10 weeks. Can I do this? What's your advice about the best resources I can use ?(currently using Sun's Java Tutorials).

Best Answer

10 weeks? Apparently you can do it in 24 hours!


Okay, so only 1 person found my answer amusing, but not amusing enough to upvote. The real question is how good do you need to be in 10 weeks?

If you get yourself a good book (the one linked above has some good reviews on Amazon), then in 10 weeks you might be proficient enough to do something useful in Java, but it takes years to become expert. Any time spent between 10 weeks and several years will move you from beginner towards expert.

Oh and read Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years.