Java – How to convert int[] into List in Java


How do I convert int[] into List<Integer> in Java?

Of course, I'm interested in any other answer than doing it in a loop, item by item. But if there's no other answer, I'll pick that one as the best to show the fact that this functionality is not part of Java.

Best Answer


  1. In Java 8+ you can make a stream of your int array. Call either or IntStream.of.
  2. Call IntStream#boxed to use boxing conversion from int primitive to Integer objects.
  3. Collect into a list using Stream.collect( Collectors.toList() ). Or more simply in Java 16+, call Stream#toList().


int[] ints = {1,2,3};
List<Integer> list =;

In Java 16 and later:

List<Integer> list =;