Jquery – How to disable a button in a jQuery dialog from a function


I have a jQuery dialog that requires the user to enter certain information. In this form, I have a "continue" button. I would like this "continue" button to only be enabled once all the fields have content in them, else it will remain disabled.

I wrote a function that is called everytime a field status has changed. However, I don't know how to enable and disable the dialog button from this function. What should I do?

Oops and I forgot to mention that these buttons were created as follows:

$(function() {
    bgiframe: true,
    height: 'auto',
    width: 700,
    show: 'clip',
    hide: 'clip',
    modal: true,
    buttons: {
      'Add to request list': function() {
      'Cancel': function() {

Best Answer

You would want to set the disabled property

 $('#continueButton').attr("disabled", true);

Update: Ahha, I see the complexity now. The jQuery Dialog had a single line that will be of use (under the "buttons" section.

 var buttons = $('.selector').dialog('option', 'buttons');

You'll need to get the buttons collection from the dialog, loop through that to find which one you need, and then set the disabled attribute as I showed above.