Python – Redirect command line results to a tkinter GUI

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I have created a program that prints results on command line.
(It is server and it prints log on command line.)

Now, I want to see the same result to GUI .

How can I redirect command line results to GUI?

Please, suggest a trick to easily transform console application to simple GUI.

Note that it should work on Linux and Windows.

Best Answer

You could create a script wrapper that runs your command line program as a sub process, then add the output to something like a text widget.

from tkinter import *
import subprocess as sub
p = sub.Popen('./script',stdout=sub.PIPE,stderr=sub.PIPE)
output, errors = p.communicate()

root = Tk()
text = Text(root)
text.insert(END, output)

where script is your program. You can obviously print the errors in a different colour, or something like that.