Git – Track all remote git branches as local branches


Tracking a single remote branch as a local branch is straightforward enough.

$ git checkout --track -b ${branch_name} origin/${branch_name}

Pushing all local branches up to the remote, creating new remote branches as needed is also easy.

$ git push --all origin

I want to do the reverse. If I have X number of remote branches at a single source:

$ git branch -r 

Can I create local tracking branches for all those remote branches without needed to manually create each one? Say something like:

$ git checkout --track -b --all origin

I've googled and RTMs, but have come up bunk thus far.

Best Answer

The answer given by Otto is good, but all the created branches will have "origin/" as the start of the name. If you just want the last part (after the last /) to be your resulting branch names, use this:

for remote in `git branch -r | grep -v /HEAD`; do git checkout --track $remote ; done

It also has the benefit of not giving you any warnings about ambiguous refs.