Facebook – How to a Facebook page’s post be shared from a share when no one has shared the said post


So I was checking one of my Facebook page's specific post insights. Although "Likes/Comments on post" and "Likes/Comments on shares" are pretty explicit, I'm wondering what exactly "Shares on shares" means when the post hasn't been shared yet ("Shares on post" is 0)?

Here's a screenshot:

enter image description here

And here's a screenshot of the whole post:

enter image description here

And the same happened with a post from 20 minutes ago:

enter image description here

How can a post be shared from a share when no one has shared the said post?

Best Answer

This boils down to the visibility of actions taken on Facebook.

  • Likes and Comments on public posts are visible publicly. All of them will show up on your Page’s post.

  • Shares have their own visibility setting, specified by the person who shared the post. If you are unable to view the shared post, then that action will not be visible to you on your own post.

You can verify this by having a friend Share your post with only themselves, on their own Timeline. If your friend then views your post, the number of Shares will be incremented by 1 to reflect their recent Share. If you view your own post, that Share will not show up.