Facebook – “ is waiting for you to respond to his friend request”


I'm rather new to Facebook and recently I've received a notification that I can't fully understand:

<someone> is waiting for you to respond to his friend request

What does it mean?

I have some requests myself that are not accepted, and I can't see anywhere the option to "remind" the other person about this, and I can't figure out how <person> could have done this.

Is that something that you can do manually, or it is some kind of automated reminder?

The notification options says Turn of notifications about friend_request_remind_async.

I'm asking this because I want to understand more about this feature, it is the first time that I see something like that and I could not find much official information about it.

Here is the mandatory pic:

enter image description here

Best Answer

This is an automated message from Facebook. You've had a friend request "open" for some arbitrary time (determined by Facebook) and they're reminding you in case you've forgotten.

The person who sent the friend request is not getting similar notices, although they'll be able to see that the friend request is still pending if they go look at their outstanding friend requests.