A question about temporal diversity


I am reading a survey. In that survey the author talk about "Temporal diversity" I can guess what is the meaning of that. But he also announce one way of making Temporal diversity is

channel coding in conjunction with time interleaving

and he also continues

… the information is coded first and then dispersed in different
coherent periods over time

what is the meaning of

…then dispersed in different coherent periods over time

Best Answer

If someone is shouting a lot while someone else is talking to a third person, it's unlikely that the third person (listening to the talker) will hear a full sentence properly but, if the talker repeats the sentence a few times the third person may be able to piece that sentence together and understand it.

On the other hand, if a phrase was repeatedly spoken in the presence of continuous but random noise, using knowledge about how long the phrase is (a packet of data for instance), a multitude of "recordings" of the phase can be superimposed and, the random interfering noise will begin to diminish (relative to the superimposed phrase) and the original "phrase" will/should become detectable or more discernible.

I read the word "coherent" to mean being able to recognize when the phrase starts and ends.

I've kind of dumbed this down a bit so apologies.