Amperage for Sony SNC-VB630 Camera


I am trying to choose a right DC adapter for SNC-VB630 CCTV Camera but the only specs I could find in the official documentation was 'INPUT 12V DC'. Nothing about amperage. I have a 12V dc adapter with 400mA current at hand and I was wondering if that would suffice. How can I find out?

Best Answer

If this is the correct camera the specs says Power Requirements PoE system (IEEE 802.3af compliant), DC 12 V ± 10%, AC 24 V ± 20% Power Consumption : 6.0 W max

The current I = P / V Then 500mA max to provide the camera with the power it may need.

Also this site also states the max, not sure of the language but it does say 500mA max.

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