Can this be anything other than a resistor


I have been messing with an old valve amp and have replaced the filter caps and a couple of resistors that were a little out of tolerance. The component in the picture does not look the same as any of the others and, if it is a resistor, seems to be out of tolerance by a couple of orders of magnitude (my reading is 1.2M, whereas the colour bands seem to indicate 95R). The others were only a few percent out. I just wanted to check it really was a resistor before replacing it…

Old resistor... I think...


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It's a 1 M ohm carbon composition resistor. Different manufacturers used different ways of showing the value and the Brown of the body indicates a 1 in this example I believe. The black at the end then indicates a 0. This is then followed by 5 zeros due to the green band.

If I remember correctly silver indicates tolerance but I'm unsure about this - I think it's either 5 or 10%.

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