Creating mp3 device playing sound in specific time


I need help with creating device that will be able to play sound (can be recorded or from mp3/wav…) at certain time, for example at 8:00PM, 8:15PM; 8:30PM …until 5:00AM. Device must be powered from battery and must be working for more than 2-3 months. Sound is about max 10 seconds and it should not be loud but also not quiet.
I found that for directly recording can be useful ISD1820 but then I need to set relay and clock.
Then I found VS1003, and I think that this chip can be able to do that without setting relay and clock.
If anyone can help me or know something better I would really appreciate that.

Best Answer

Instead of using a VS1003 and a micrcontroller, you could do that with just a VS1005G using the internal flash. The VS1005G has internal real time clock, and the player software and the short MP3 file(s) could all fit in the internal 1 megabyte flash. You can also add SD card or external (nand) flash to play longer files. When you are waiting for the RTC alarm, the VS1005 chip just uses a few microamperes.

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