Electrical – Analog Stick Wiring


I am making an accessible computer interface device with an arduino at the core. For mouse control, I am using an analog stick, and ordered the Omter OM200B (http://www.omter-tyxn.com/2-axis-potentiometer-joystick-OM200B-M3.html). It has 3 leads on each on 2 sides (6 total), and I assume that this is power, ground, and data for x and y axis. Unfortunately, these are not marked, and I am hesitant to guess for fear of frying the analog stick, my arduino, or both.

If I were to hazard a guess, it would be power, data, ground…but that is just a guess.

Is there a particular pattern that these analog sticks need wired? Is there a standard layout to analog sticks?

Best Answer

There are several models. The lowest resistance one appears to contain potentiometers that are 5K total resistance. If we use V = I x R and assume you are using a 5 volt Arduino, we see the total current flowing through the potentiometers is:

V = I x R
5 = I x 5,000
I = 5 / 5,000
I = 1mA

So the potentiometer needs to get rid of only a small amount of wattage:

W = V x I
W = 5 x 1mA
W = 5mA

A potentiometer is normally a 3 terminal device with the wiper normally connected to the center terminal.

enter image description here

So what is normally done is what you stated above. Connect 5 volts to one side, the ADC pin to the center and ground to the other side.