Electrical – Are RS232 to RS422 converters reversible


I'm trying to get a MCU with a db9 female serial out port (using RS422 protocol) to communicate with a CY8CKIT-050 PSoCĀ® 5LP Development Kit (running a microcontroller).

The development board comes with a db9 female RS232 port and already has the necessary circuitry to process the serial signal (MAX3232CDR level shifter, software configurable UART).

The development kit also has a general SCB UART (also configurable) where I can simply specify pins on the microprocessor as the Rx, Tx, etc. However, I would need to measure the differential signals of the RS422 from the MCU, level shift to TTL voltage levels, etc.

Because the board already has RS232 functionality implemented, I thought it would be easier to use a RS422 (from the MCU) to RS232 (to the PSoC board) converter. However, almost all the converters I could find are RS232 to RS422. Are these reversible?

For instance, the CON-422-PIE datasheet specifies the male db9 end as the "RS232 end" and the female db9 end as the "RS422 end".

If not, does anyone know of good RS422 to RS232 converters?

edit: I want the male end to be RS422 and the female end to be RS232.

Best Answer

Yes, they are reversible.

1). 232Rx <= 422Tx.

2). 232Tx => 422Rx.

This is what, generally, the converter pinouts say. The first line converts 422 to 232 and vice versa for the second.

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