Electrical – Battery Holder for 3.7V 3000mAh 18650 Li-ion AAA


I am interested in using 3.7V 3000mAh 18650 Li-ion AAA batteries (e.g. EBL). However, users indicate (reading the reviews) that those batteries are not the same size as traditional AAA.

I was going to purchase a standard AAA holder (e.g. 4 X AAA Holder), but now I am starting to doubt if these batteries will fit the holder.

Does anyone have any experience with 1850 batteries + holders? I am trying to externally power an Arduino project with them.

Best Answer

They're much bigger than an AA let alone an AAA battery. Check the dimensions. You can buy 18650 holders (the batteries themselves are actually a bit more difficult to get ahold of from reputable sources).

AAA: 44mm long x 10mm\$\phi\$

18650: 64.8mm long (or longer) x 18.3mm\$\phi\$

There is an additional complication- the 18650s are made with or without protection PCBs which add something like a couple mm to the length.

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