Electrical – Eagle help- vias won’t connect to GND plane


I'm trying to place some 100W wire wound resistors on my board and I'm going to be using my ground plane and some vias as my heat sink. I have a polygon labelled "GND" on both sides enclosed by a stop mask so the copper will be exposed. There is also a GND polygon filling the entire board on both sides, not just near the resistors.

Most of my vias connected to the ground plane without issue but a bunch of them won't connect and I'm unsure why. You can see the airwires in the screenshot below.

I've seen a few other people have issues getting things to connect to the ground plane but the solution usually had something to do with a specific package.

All of these vias are right next to each other on top of the ground plane with no traces between so I'm not sure why only a few won't connect.

Any thoughts?

Screenshot of my vias

Best Answer

Use RATSNEST to update the polygon.
Use the NAME tool on the via to assign the net GND to it.

Fresh vias don't inherit the polygon net. Copied vias do keep their net.

Once the via net is set, it cannot be changed with the NAME tool again.