Electrical – Generating a clock from timer using PWM


I am using CC2640 from TI in one of my designs. As per the datasheet, I can output a clock of maximum 32KHz to any external circuit/IC. As per my design, I Need to provide 1MHz clock to a sensor.

CC2640 has 4 32bit timers & all are PWM capable. So, my doubt is :-

  1. Can I generate a 1MHz clock using timer in PWM mode?
  2. How do I know what is the resolution of my timer if I am operating CC2640 on 24MHz.

Best Answer

This being a newer chip from TI there is not a whole lot of application information for it as yet. Even the current data sheet is not very helpful.

Here is one example of using the PWM capabilities of CC26XX series chips at a 1Mhz timer frequency.


The resolution of the Timer is determined by the base clock, the counter setup (eg.: 16 or 32 bit) and the division values being used, (per the example see the values of: PWM_DIV_FACTOR, TIMER_LOADSET, and TIMER_MATCH).

You may also want to review the TI SmartRF06 board that is mentioned in the link.