Electrical – How to connect pc speaker to 2 channel dvd player


I am having Creative Inspire M2600 pc speaker. I need to connect it to a dvd player which having output of 40w-40w and not having a 3.5 mm out.
Can i connect the dvd output to a 3.5 mm female jack and plug the pc speaker's 3.5mm male to that female port. Is it possible? If not, please let me know how can it possible.

Best Answer

No, you can't connect them directly. Outputs designed to drive 40W into a pair of speakers can exceed 20V or so and damage the line level input of your M2600, which expects a signal of around 1V or so. In addition, both speaker terminals may be floating with respect to ground and the M2600 will expect one of them to be at ground, so connecting directly may damage the outputs of your DVD player.

But there is a solution. This used to be a very common issue in car audio systems where people wanted to add amplifiers but only had speaker outputs to connect them to (many head units nowadays have pre-amp outputs for this). You can use a speaker to line level converter such as this one:

enter image description here

Here's the link to this one but I'm sure eBay is full of alternatives, just search for speaker to line level converter. For this one you would need an adaptor cable to connect two PCA phono connectors to a stereo 3.5" jack, but other versions may have the correct connector already.

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