Electrical – How to power a raspberry pi and brushless motor from wall outlet

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I am working on a device that uses a raspberry pi (5v and 2.5 amps) and a brushless dc motor (11.1V at .066 amps —
http://1012007.kancart.com/item_description/431). I want the device to plug directly into the wall. How would I go about finding a power supply that can power both of these devices?

Best Answer

You require two different voltages. Your options are:

  • Use a USB mains power supply for the Pi and a 12 V, 500 to 2000 mA mains power supply for the motor. That means two wall warts. Very cheap and less likelihood of the Pi getting interference from the motor.
  • Use a 12 V supply and a voltage regulator to drop the voltage to the Pi. This is a bit more bother but neater on the mains side.

I'd go with the first one. You probably have a suitable PSU lying around. If it all works and you want to tidy it up then look at the second option.


I took your 0.066 A motor current as being max or close to max. As pointed out in the comments, it can, for some reason, draw up to 10 A. This isn't typical wall-wart capability.