Electrical – Increasing Overdischarge Protection Voltage in DW01A


I am working on a academic project which requires TP4056 along with battery protection circuit (DW01A).

The ciruit uses a 1S LiPo 500mAh battery.

I want to keep the Overdischarge Protection Voltage (VODP) to 3.2v. Looking at the datasheet of DW01A-G, it mentions that VODP is typically 2.4v.


Can i increase the VODP by simply increasing the resisor value R2 which is shown in the typical application circuit?

I did search for other posts in SE but didn't find any convincing answers. Please let me know.

Best Answer

No you cannot change any threshold for this chip designed to maximize battery capacity at the expense of aging rate or cycle life.

VODP threshold has a laser trimmed (variable) resistor inside the chip and is not externally accessible.

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