Relay Circuit – Replacing LEDs with Diodes

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I need to know if I can replace the input LEDs (IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4) by a diode or resistor and if this can help me to reduce the voltage consumption generated by these LEDs.

The circuit is a 4 relay module for use in Arduino and RPi projects. I have this module connected to my RPi, but the RPi show me a "LOW POWER" message when I connect the module to GPIO pins. The RPi is powered with their appropriate power supply.

4 channel relay schematic

4 channel relay PCB

4 channel relay product photo

(*) All pics taken from SUNFOUNDER. For more info about the relays module visit SUNFOUNDER.

Best Answer

If you are unable to power the relay module with Raspberry Pi (i.e. the relays do not switch properly), it is because the module requires 5V input but RPi GPIO can only output 3.3V.

This problem can be solved by powering the relays with external 5V voltage source.

Follow this diagram:

enter image description here

The Low Power message is due to the relays drawing quite a lot of current from RPi power supply. Removing the LEDs won't solve the problem as those LEDs don't consume much current.

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