Electrical – Test Transmit Signal for nRF24L01 transreceiver


I have set up a circuit using my joysticks and nRF24L01 transmitter. While I am waiting for another nRF24L01 to use as a receiver, in the meantime I wanted to check whether the nRF24L01 in the transmitter circuit is working well and sending the signal out for receiver to receive.

Question: is there a way for me to test the nRF24L01 transmitter, without having a receiver circuit in place?
I want to see some confirmation on serial monitor on the data being transmitted or in other words, test the radio.write function to ensure the transmitter is working.

Best Answer

I invite you to explore the world of software defined radio. Most all of the dedicated purpose units will easily cover 2.4GHz. I'm using a HackRF One for exactly this. A new contender is the Lime SDR Mini, which is only $139 USD. These things are invaluable for anyone working with RF, since you can see exactly how much bandwidth is used, what else is on the band, etc.