Electrical – Triode Regenerative Receiver Circuit – room for improvement and possible errors


I've designed this radio circuit, it's made to work on the 80m and maybe 40m band.


Regen is controlled using a pot in the tickler coil. Tube is ECF82, coil is air cored on a 30mm former. Will it be able to receive LSB and CW, or just AM? Can you recommend any good literature on the topic of regen receivers?

Best Answer

I certainly don't have enough experience with radio circuits to say much here, but one problem sticks out to me immediately: your potentiometer R2 doesn't have its third terminal connected. Since turning a pot (or sliding, if it's a slide pot) can cause the wiper to bounce up off the track, it's usually recommended to connect the "unused" terminal to the wiper to prevent internal arcing when turning it, especially with an inductor on the other side of it.

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