Electrical – UTP CCA vs UTP CU cables


I need to transfer data over about 20m from a DS18B20 to a Arduino board, I was wondering if I could use the much cheaper CCA cable?

Also can you please inform me in which cases must I go for the CU cable. The differences between the two types are obvious but I still do not know in which cases I should use CU type. I have found some information in which is stated that CU, due to it's lower resistance, is required in case the load is draining significant current. What about frequency?

Best Answer

DS18B20 digital thermometer has maximum supply current of 1.5mA. You can use CCA cable as long as total loop resistance ( 20m + 20m ) of the cable is not greater than say 60-80 ohms. You should also pay attention to the capacitance of the data line. Regardless of the cable used it will form low pass filter to your data.