Electrical – what is the difference between coin battery and alkaline battery


i'm quite curious with coin battery and alkaline battery. I have submerge 2 coin battery into the water and the battery short circuit and damaged after a while. While i put 2 alkaline battery into the water, but they still can perform well. i wonder why both type of battery is short circuit, but only coin battery will damage. Does anyone know why?

Best Answer

  • "Coin" is a physical "form factor" or shape of a battery cell. The more common form factor is a cylinder (like a AA cell, etc.)
  • Alkaline is a type of CHEMISTRY of the battery cell. Different chemistries of batteries can be found in various form-factors. There is no particular correlation between the form-factor and the chemistry of a battery cell.

Whether a particular battery cell can survive under water has nothing to do with its form-factor or its chemistry. Most batteries are not designed to operate submerged under water. No matter what size, shape, or chemistry they are.