Electrical – what kind of three phase full wave rectifier should we use

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We have the following generator: Permanent Magnet Generators. For the project we would like to use this converter. Between this generator and converter we've to convert the three phase voltage to an useable DC voltage, and we want to do that with a three phase full wave rectifier. According to wikipedia there are a few types of that kind of rectifiers. Can some of you that has experience in this field give us the right path to follow.

Important is that the rectifier has to be able to handle the current that passes trough it.

For the output voltage of the generator, we got the following data from it:

enter image description here

Best Answer

I think this is all you need to know.

If you are using a Y output generator (rare) then you'd select individual Diodes.

If you are using a Delta generator (most common) then you could specify a block type 3 phase rectifier such as this. Notice here that the maximum DC current is specified for 120deg conduction angle per diode pair.
When it comes to 3 phase rectifiers you will also notice that there is a tendency to use high voltage avalanche diodes, so it's often cheaper to get 1000 - 1200 V devices than it is for 200 -300 V devices at any given current rating.