Electronic – a sensible approach to connecting devices to your computer via wireless technology


I remember with fondness the X-10 days, when you could connect your computer to every wall plate in your house, using power-line carrier to transmit signals to addressable receivers (with varying degrees of success).

OK, so maybe I don't need to turn on my microwave from my computer remotely, but I still think it would be cool to have a wireless controller scheme for some home automation, maybe even put a webcam on my Roomba, or some temperature sensors outside.

What is a sensible overall way to approach this? Wifi endpoints are really attractive, but they seem a little pricey. Are there alternative approaches using radio? Or is power-line carrier still the way to go?

Best Answer

Check out the sparkfun wireless guide.

I've been playing with jeenodes for most of my low-end stuff and think it might be the best cost/power ratio. I get mine through modern device.