Electronic – AC-mains capable SSR (Solid State Relay) with very low leakage current



  • Can switch 230VAC
  • Can switch at least 0.5A (i.e. ol' good 100W incandescent lamp)
  • Wastes no more than 3mW in off state
  • Low-on resistance is always good too

The stated power usage translates to under 15uA of leakage current.

Unfortunately, I was able to find stated leakage current only in low-current (Io.max < 200mA) devices, e.g. HSF2 (10uA), HSSR-8400 (<1uA). Whenever Io.max is stated at ~2A, leakage current is 10+mA. Do higher-current, yet still modest leakage current SSR exist? Alternatively, can someone point to "raw" thyristor/triac with similar specs?

Best Answer

Ok, I was able to find an explanation why more or less powerful SSR have noticeable leakage current:

Leakage current comes from the snubber network. The amount of leakage current (typically 10-15 mA) is dependent on the size capacitor used in the snubber network. Crouzet standard SSRs DO NOT include a resistor-capacitor network in most of its relays, which results in a typical leakage current less than 1mA.

Their GN841340xx series are rated at 0.1mA(rms) leakage current for example.

Another reference to snubbers in SSRs: http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/io/io_5.html