Electronic – Altium: Harness as output of MultiChannel block


I'm designing a schematic containing a MultiChannel block. I would like to use a Harness with outgoing signals as port.
If I use a single wire, I get a bus at the output. This is clear. But how can I access the different harnesses?

The picture shows the idea, but is not working!

When compiling the design I get the following error:

Sheet Symbol with duplicate entries Sheet Entry

(Repeated for each entity and harness)

This was my idea, but it is not working.

Best Answer

You're using harness connections.

Harness connectors seem to be currently incompatible with the automatic repeat functionality of the MultiChannel design tools.

Unfortunately, the only solution seems to be to break your harnesses out into individual wires.

Hat-tip to Oli Glaser for reminding me I had this problem in the past too.

My completely baseless guess as to why would be that you can't have harnesses in busses, but I don't honestly know.