Electronic – Altium Power Plane Gerber inverted


Good Day

I used internal power planes for the first time (Altium), and I now want to generate fabrication outputs in the form of Gerbers.

The gerber below illustrates my internal GND plane, to avoid confusion with the fab house I would like to invert the gerber? Currently the voids are supposed to be copper and the copper is supposed to be voids? It looks to me like the whole gerber should be inverted.

Where do I change the settings for this?

Thank you!

Altium Internal Power Plane Inverted

Best Answer

Power planes are always created as negatives. You have a couple of options:

  1. Specify to your manufacturer that this layer is a negative. Many manufacturers will ask you the polarity of the layers.
  2. (My personal preference) Instead of using planes, use polygon pours. This way there is no doubt, and it's clear where the copper is.

The choice is ultimately up to you as a designer, but I tend to find #2 easier to do and it doesn't rely on having smart people at the board house.