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Does anyone know of any old-school function generator ICs (similar to the ICL8038 or XR2206) that are still on the market? (i.e. not obsolete / NFFD – I'm not interested in scouring the globe for old inventory)

I'm aware of digitally-programmable parts that use I2C / SPI, but am looking for something that won't involve adding a micro to a legacy design.

I'm looking primarily for an IC that will output a triangular waveform at low frequency (640Hz). The XR2206 was the original part in the application which is now obsolete. The frequency can be adjusted a small amount from an external input (+/- 50Hz or so).

Exar has obsoleted most (all?) of their function generator parts:

enter image description here

The product has passed into obsolescence and the assigned engineer is no longer with the company. The question is now moot.

Best Answer

This would seem to be similar to the XR2206 :)

The XR2209 is a monolithic voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) integrated circuit featuring excellent frequency stability and a wide tuning range. The circuit provides simultaneous triangle and squarewave outputs over a frequency range of 0.01Hz to 1MHz. It is ideally suited for FM, FSK and sweep or tone generation, as well as for phase-locked loop applications.


  • Waveform Generation Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse, Squarewave
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